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About us

Eko Energija is a company specialized in the refurbishing, installation and maintenance of wind turbines

The company has the capacity and resources to fully manage the entire refurbishing of the wind turbine started from inspection to the end of process–completely renewed wind turbine. 

- Experience in refurbishing from small to medium sized wind turbines from 25KW to 1MW. 
- Installation of small to multi MW wind turbines 
- Maintenance of small to multi MW systems 

Our services: 
- Sales of new and used wind turbines 
- Repair of used wind turbines 
- Installation 
- Transport and Logistics 
- Assistance in the development of wind farms 
- Inspection and due diligence

The company has the capacity and resources to fully manage the entire development process from initial site identification through to wind speed measurements and energy production prognosis, construction of wind parks and overall maintenance of the wind farm once it has been established.

We offer advice and ongoing consultation regarding all aspects of wind energy including identification of suitable sites and proving wind speed data for specific areas. Our team includes prospectors, engineers, environmental scientists and financiers.

Our Mission is to develop and maintain eco-friendly wind energy projects throughout the world.

We are committed to the continued involvement of local communities and authorities and benefiting these groups by providing local employment opportunities and enterprise for local landowners. We aim to offer the best deals for landowners and recognize the importance of their involvement as stake holders in our projects from start to finish.

We openly facilitate the endeavours of stake holders to get the most from their lease agreements.
We also aim to work in unison with local councils and other governing bodies to ensure our projects are of maximum benefit with least intrusion on the local landscape and surrounding areas.

The future of the company lies in the continuous successful development of environmentally friendly and efficient energy generation throughout the globe.